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The recommendations in this website have been put together by Dr Sarah Myhill, Independent Medical Practitioner of Ecological Medicine. She is an author of multiple medical books, some of which are prize winning.  You can see her website at

Initially she put information about the prevention and treatment of CV19 up on her own website. However she was told to take it down by the MHRA.  


The recommendations below are based on the clinical experience of Independent doctors who specialise in Ecological Medicine as well as doctors working within the British NHS and physicians working overseas including China and America. Many of these doctors dare not make such information available through fear of Establishment opprobrium.


The recommendations below are based on good science, interventions which are biologically plausible and of proven clinical efficacy. Most importantly they are all available inexpensively to the people who wish to put in place effective interventions over and above standard medical advice.





Overall strategy

''Vitamin D deficiency and Covid 19 - its central role in the World Pandemic"

A 111 page document written by Drs David C Anderson and David S Grimes

100+ International Experts Write Open Letter to Governments: Evidence Indicates Vitamin D Is Effective Against COVID-19




  • We will all eventually be exposed to and get covid 19.

  • What kills people is a poor immune system, a large loading dose of cv and no weapons to kill it when it infects.

  • The mechanisms by which CV 19 kills people is by destroying haemoglobin in the blood - so the blood can no longer carry oxygen. Vitamin C ALSO protects haemoglobin to stop this happening. Other antioxidants such as vitamin D3 ALSO have this effect.

  • The key is to make sure your immune system is in tip top shape, AND  have good anti-oxidant defences,  THEN get a tiny dose of cv (ideally from someone who is already doing all these things), THEN when you do get any symptoms blast the virus out at the first.

  • THEN we can test you for CV 19 IgG antibodies to demonstrate immunity

  • THEN you can get on with your life!


So, the ideal scenario is that we do get infected with Covid 19 but at such a low dose that the immune system can easily deal with it AND with good anti-oxidant status. Vitamin C, D and iodine in adequate doses makes this happen. Ideally we need to catch CV 19 from someone who is already doing these protocols and so the loading dose is tiny. Once you have had CV 19, with a decent immune system , you are immune against that strain of CV for life. However we already have 2 strains of Covid 19 - the L and the S strain – it may mutate again. It may be that one has to get infected each time with each mutation to develop immunity to each new strain as it arises. Since vaccination lags 12-18 months behind the development of new mutations, we all need to rely on good immunity and good antioxidant status to protect ourselves in the future.

So, what kills people is a combination of three factors -


  1. A poor immune system PLUS


   2. A large loading dose of pathogen PLUS


   3. No weapons to kill the pathogen with when it infects.


Hence, the way we win this battle is to address each of those three factors – see below.

1.Get the immune system and anti-oxidant status in tip top shape now

This you do with a Paleo-Ketogenic diet and a good multivitamin and minerals (sunshine salt ideal), 5,000iu of vit D3 daily and 5 grams of vit C daily

See “The Infection Game" and  “Groundhog Basic”  


2. Keep the viral loading dose down. 


This is where vit C and iodine are so fantastic because they contact kill all viruses and bacteria. NOW take

  • 5 grams vit C daily in water and slurp through the day little and often,

  • Sniff Lugol's iodine (either via a salt pipe or make your own) 5-10 sniffs twice daily (sufficient to smell the iodine but not to irritate the airways). You can make your own salt pipe with a small plastic pot – punch a hole in the bottom, stuff in some cotton wool, fill the pot with sea salt (any salt will do, the cotton wool stops the salt dropping through) then drop Lugol’s  in through the top. Ready to sniff! If you can smell the  iodine then you have  a therapeutic dose.

  • Use iodine oil (10 parts coconut oil to one part Lugol's) about a marble size amount on hands and face rubbed in before any foreign contacts. Coconut oil also kills cv (see "The Potential of Coconut Oil and its Derivatives as Effective and Safe Antiviral Agents Against the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV-2019)")Keep a pot by your front door for all to use. If you go out keep a pot in your pocket to use. This is great for kids. For babies and younger children smear a pea sized amount of iodine oil round nose cheeks mouth and hands 2-3 x a day.

  • If you go out and risk a foreign contact, use a face mask (a handkerchief will do) with a couple of drops of Lugol's iodine on it.


3. At the first sign of any symptom slow the rate of viral replication so the immune system can get ahead of the game


Apply "Groundhog Acute"

  • Take Vit C to bowel tolerance, 10 grams every hour until you get diarrhoea. Then aim for 2/3rds of the bowel tolerance dose over the next 24 hours. A sub -diarrhoeal dose give foul smelling wind. You need a dose just below that which produces foul smelling wind. This dose will change daily, it may increase, but eventually reduce as you recover.

  • Sniff iodine via a salt pipe 5-10 times every 2 hours – enough to smell the iodine but not to irritate the airways - used regularly like this and you may not need to add iodine to the salt pipe every time you use it. If you can smell it then the iodine is present in adequate amounts.

  • Do not symptom suppress with aspirin or paracetamol – fever kills virus, snot, coughing and sneezing expels it.


.....and that will do for the vast majority.


For use of vit C and iodine also see 

Vitamin C PDF

-the practical nitty gritty

of how to use vitamin C,

the correct dose to prevent

and treat acute infection ----------------------------->

Iodine PDF

-how you can use iodine to

treat infection of the respiratory

tract and skin-------------------------------------------->





Clinical problems come when the viral numbers get so high that the immune system goes into overdrive. It takes several days of severe symptoms for this to happen. This is called a cytokine storm. This is when intravenous vitamin C, oxygen and anti-inflammatories may be life -saving - steroids and NSAIs. The progression is summarised on our Acute coughs, colds, influenza. page [click on the 'More' tab above] BUT all the above done well will prevent a cytokine storm

Are you seriously ill and need medical attention?


Use the Roth Breathing test

The Roth breathing test is a great DIY measure of lung function

Roth Breathing Test YouTube

Take a breath in and as you exhale try to count to 30 as fast as you can.

If you can only count to less than 10 before needing a second breath OR you can only count for 7 seconds before needing a second breath then your oxygen sats are less than 95%

If the max number you arrived at was less than 7 and the time needed for a second breath less than 5 seconds then your oxygen sats are less than 90%. You need a medical opinion.

The Chinese Doctors and Doctors in New York USA  treat severe CV19 and cytokine storms with intravenous vitamin C drips

Moderately severe cases receive 5 grams every 24 hours, severely afflicted cases receive 10 grams every 24 hours

Results- - 50 patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 treated

All patients improved, no mortality, no side effects, reverses the cytokine storm, hospital stay shortened, extremely safe, cost $12 a day for 5 grams, $24 a day for 10 grams.

Intravenous Ascorbic Acid (IVAA) for COVID-19 Supportive Treatment in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients (Based on use in China and US settings) Primary Author: Dr. Paul S. Anderson

Download as a PDF here - 'The practical details of how ivi vitamin C is currently being administered in China and the USA at a cost of $12-24 a day'

The Clinical picture of CV 19 infection – from a consultant in the front line

"I am an ER MD [emergency room doctor] in New Orleans. Class of 98. Every one of my colleagues have now seen several hundred Covid 19 patients and this is what I think I know." Click on the pdf file below for details of -  'The stages of  infection of CV19 and how to treat each stage to prevent progression'

NIH-sponsored presentation by Dr Richard Cheng 

Please click on the PowerPoint icon below: 


Dr Richard Cheng, Columbia SC USA and BaoAn Central Hospital Shenzhen China presents the science which underpins the use of vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of CV19 together with practical details of when to use ivi vit C and how it improves survival. In correct doses, “the high dose ivi vit C group had a shorter hospital stay of ~5 days, compared to the 30-day average hospital stay. HDIVC patients also improved faster with no fatality. There were 3 fatalities of 358”

Yellow Card Covid Vaccines - Urgent preliminary report of Yellow Card data up to 26th May 2021

Please see this important report below -







Patient Questions and Answers

Click on the icons for question and answers - 

This document includes all patient queries about
--vitamin C specifically,
--about vitamin C and iodine ‘jointly’

This document includes all patient queries about
--iodine specifically,
--about iodine and vitamin C ‘jointly’

This document includes all patient queries

about general matters with respect to the

Overall Strategy and are not related to either

Vitamin C and / or Iodine specifically

Further useful links and studies

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The Iodine Project Guy Abraham MD

Vitamin C Resource Portals

[These three sites contain useful resources and links to many more studies and papers]



SEE HERE for an up to date and recent Orthomolecular News library. Many reference Vitamin C and Corona Virus




Legal Disclaimer - This publication does not constitute medical or professional advice. Information on our page has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information published herein and we shall not be responsible for any errors, omissions, or claims for damages arising out of use, inability to use, or with regard to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information contained in this publication. No responsibility is assumed by us for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of product liability, negligence, or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, product, instructions, or ideas contained in the published content. No suggested test, procedure or treatment should be carried out unless under medical supervision.

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