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Here you will find a YouTube of

Dr Myhill talking to the Academy

of Nutritional Medicine [AONM]

about Covid 19

See AONM ( for

more details of this Academy

YouTube Link HERE

See Below for direct Video link

Text from AONM as underneath

the YouTube:

May is a month of International

Awareness for many illnesses and

conditions that we know are so often

linked – ME, Fibromyalgia, Lyme

Disease, EDS, PANS/PANDAS, Autism,

Gulf War Syndrome, MCS, MCAS.

In 1992 Thomas Hennessy Jr. founded

International Awareness Day for Chronic

Immunological and Neurological Diseases.

Each year for the past few years AONM

have held an event in London to honour

the Awareness Month of May. Sadly this

year due to the current Covid-19 crisis

this is not able to go ahead. May 12th

is a significant date for patients worldwide

and we feel it is crucial to mark the day

in some way. To commemorate Awareness

Day 2020 we are delighted to have

Dr. Sarah Myhill speaking on people with

these disorders against the backdrop of

Covid-19. Dr. Myhill will cover inter-

connections that she has found so far between

some of these conditions, including whether

those with ME/Lyme/Fibromyalgia are more

susceptible, and supportive therapies to

strengthen patients during this critical


Disclaimer on the YouTube -  The Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM) does not endorse or recommend any particular treatment, therapy, or practitioner. Any advice or recommendation of a medical or legal nature must always be discussed with a qualified professional. Anyone associated with AONM cannot be held liable for any information given, or results of therapies, treatments etc. which may be discussed or presented incommunications originating from AONM. The accuracy of any information given is not guaranteed: You should always make your own full enquiries before acting on such information. Where links are made to other websites or mention made of other organisations, these are provided for information only. AONM may not support or endorse any information,

services or treatments which may be encountered as a result of visiting or contacting them. You should always make your own full enquiries before taking action. AONM cannot accept any responsibility for any comments attributed to it by any other source.

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